1005 Asbury Drive * Columbia, SC 29209

Asbury Preschool & Kindergarten

The curriculum for 2’s is based upon the child’s need to become
independent, acquire social skills, develop language, and learn through sensori-motor activities. Children are supported in handling toileting, eating, and dressing independently.

Classrooms are filled with music, movement, laughter, and discovery.

2’s do not need to be potty trained at the beginning of the 
school year. When you feel your child is ready and you begin
the process at home, our teachers will encourage and support
your child during his/her school day
2’s- Preschool
9:00am – 12:00
Three Days a week (T, W, Th) or Five Days a week

Our 2’s class has a teacher and assistant. 
Class size will not exceed 14 students.