January 2018

Dear Future Asbury Parent(s),

 As a military family, new to the area, it was a blessing to find Asbury and be welcomed into the community by such a wonderful school program.  The teachers and curriculum are phenomenal.  The small class sizes and creative learning opportunities provided at Asbury, make it difficult for us to imagine our children in any other school.  We especially like that our children receive a bible lesson each day and attend chapel once a week.  Additionally, throughout the school year, the teachers and Parent Volunteer committee sponsor fun activities such as Muffins with Mom, Fall Festival, Santa Shop, Doughnuts with Dad, and many more that our children love participating in.

            We first toured Asbury in March 2016 when we arrived to the Columbia area.  Our oldest son had special needs, and we were not impressed with our zoned neighborhood school.  As we spoke with the director, and walked the hallways, instantly, we knew our children would thrive in Asbury.  In September 2016, our two sons, Noah and Caleb, entered Asbury’s 3 and 4 Pre-K classrooms.  By the end of the first year, it was an easy decision to attend the following year, and we are especially happy we stayed for Kindergarten.  Noah is reading at a level we never thought possible with his medical conditions, and receives all of the attention and special considerations he needs to succeed.  Caleb, while usually a shy child, is happy and excited to go to school to learn and play with his teachers and friends.  Both boys especially enjoy cooking and crafting in the classrooms, and we often find ourselves making similar recipes or crafts at home together.

 Asbury is the best decision we ever could have made for our children’s early education.  We are confident our sons will succeed in 1st grade and beyond due to the preparation and education they received while attending Asbury.  We cannot thank the teachers and staff of Asbury enough for their care and dedication to our children’s education, and highly recommend Asbury to all parents of preschool and Kindergarten aged children.

The Waterman Family.

January 2018

To all prospective parents,

          My husband and I first enrolled our children at Asbury during the Summer of 2017. We had both decided to go back to school and needed a safe, fun and educational place for our little ones to be while we were in class. With Asbury, my family has gotten more than we bargained for, as the compassion, love and devotion the teachers and director have for the students are unmatched in Columbia. It’s obvious to me that the curriculum is carefully thought out and presented in a way that sets each child up for success. Not only are my children learning, but they are having fun. There is an active Parent Volunteer Association (PVA) that plans amazing activities for Asbury students and families; now, we look forward to these events.

          My older two will start kindergarten this Fall, and for us it was an easy decision to keep them at Asbury. The average kindergarten class ratio is one teacher to 20-25 students. At Asbury, this year there are two teachers to nine students in each Kindergarten class. Ratios like this allow the students at Asbury to receive much more one on one time. We are excited for our boys’ future and all they are learning. We have watched them blossom this last year and look forward to the year to come.

 We have been happy with our decision to send our boys to Asbury and will be very sad when they graduate the program. One thing I can say with complete confidence is that if you decide to send your child(ren) to Asbury Preschool and Kindergarten you will not regret it!



The Rivers Family

                                                                                                     January 2017                    

Preschool is tough.  Not necessarily for the kids- they adjust pretty quickly to the new routines and settings.  Preschool is tough on the parents. 

Choosing the right environment, with the right people, and the right approach to early childhood learning is one of the most critical decisions you have to make for your child.  It can be so stressful!  The decision was especially tough for our family.  Working in a high school, I see first-hand how a strong educational foundation (or the lack thereof) can affect a child well past the early childhood years. 

During our search for the perfect educational setting for our then two-year-old, Bella, I had several colleagues tell me about Asbury.  A local principal shared with me that in his opinion, Asbury was the leader of two preschools in the area that could be trusted to prepare students well for elementary school. 

When we visited the campus, you could feel the love and the passion that the entire staff has for children.  We appreciate that Christian principles and values are being reinforced at school.  Bella is now eight, and she is one of five students in her grade in an all-day advanced program. 

We were so pleased with her experiences at Asbury, that there was no question where our second daughter, Eden, was going. In fact, we are so much more impressed with the kindergarten experience that Eden has had at Asbury that we wish we had provided Bella that same experience.

It means everything to me to know that every morning when I drop my child off at Asbury, she is surrounded by people that love her, and are committed to preparing her for the future.

                                                                                                      Constantina Green

1005 Asbury Drive * Columbia, SC 29209

Asbury Preschool & Kindergarten